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I was born in Austin, Texas, and still call it home. I hold a BFA degree of Fine Arts in Photography and, also, am a certified Phase One camera and Capture 1 software technician.     

My work tends to revolve around precision, lighting, and a deep emphasis on the personality and character of my client. I strive for perfection with heavy influences from Jonathan Mannion, Danny Clinch, and Richard Avedon.

The combination of lighting, colors, and facial expressions must communicate the individual. Each image I make is with reverence for the person I am shooting.

Creating an image shouldn't be stressful.  I put my clients at ease so that they remain themselves and their expressions remain natural and unchanged by the intrusion of a stranger (me) or the camera. My best images evolve from the trust that quickly develops with my client. Working effectively together enables the creation of the most unique and stirring images.  

You will see a broad variety of people, settings and tones to my work. I attempt to make each session as unique and special as the person I have the privilege to shoot. I hope you will provide me with the opportunity to work together and create a reflection of your life at a given point in time.